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(Maret Branch)


Being the youngest of the three sons, he had the previlege of residing at Maret Tharavadu. Main occupation was agriculture. His first wife Mariamma was from Thundiyil family, Vennikulam. Had one son Ninan in this. After the death of Mariamma he married Saramma from Thekkeveettil, Thumpamon. In this marriage he had;
Three sons: Oommumman, Korah and A. Philipose.
Three daughters: Aleyamma, Mariya and Acharu
Aleyamma is married to Poruvazhi Ambattu family
. Mariya is married to Pappy, Arikupurathu, Mannar.
Acharu is married to Perumbral family, Vennikulam.


He was a very industrious and ambitious person and hence very successfully accumulated a lot of properties for Maret Family. Wife Mariamma D/o. Oommachan, was from Karikkattu, Sankaramangalam family, Eraviperoor. Son Abraham (Abraham Marthoma Metropolitan) and daughters Mariamma and Achikunju were born in this marriage.
Mariamma is married to Poulochan, Chalakuzhiyial, Tiruvalla.
Achikunju is married to Chackochan, Thekkeveettil, Kadambanadu Kizhakethil, Thumpamon.


Born on 17th Thulam 1056. Became a high-ranking priest who was elevated to the highest Marthomite Ministry as Metrpolitan, had the distinction of being the first Graduate in Marthomite Church and the second in the whole of Malankara Christians at that time.( The first Graduate was Mar Ivanios.) An “Aimeni “ had been considered and had been selected and ordained as “Thirumeni,” was another Distinction and Divine Grace came into his life. The decision of the Representative Committee was said to be unanimous
As Abraham’s father Nina had an untimely death, Mother Mariamma and Abraham were under the fatherly care of Oommachan, Karikkattu at Eraviperoor. As Oommachan’s family was in Marthomite’s faith, Abraham also happened to follow the same.
After primary, Abraham started his Middle School Education in English medium at Thiruvalla. He studied in C M S High School, Kottayam, S P G College, Trichinappally and Christian College, Madras, before he Graduated. His association and acquaintance with Rev. Moore (C M S College), Sri, I Itty & Rev. Pekkanhaam Wash, (S P G College), Rev. Dr. Skinner (Christian College) and Rev. Dr. Hoghu (Madras), during the period of his studies, were of immense value in his later life.
Immediately after graduation, his nomination directly to the Christian Ministry (Marthomite) as EPISCOPPA, was passed unanimously in the Church Executive Committee meeting held in 1085 and under His Grace Theethoos The Second Mar Thomma Metrpolitan, Abraham’s Ordination as Shemmashan was accomplished.
After receiving Shemmashupattom he left to Toronto, Canada (in Karkidakam 1097) for Theological Studies in Vycliff College. He very successfully completed M.A. and D.D. degrees from here and on his way back to India, he visited some European countries like England and also attended World Keswick Conference. He came back home in the Malayalam Month Thulaam ,1090. He also visited Palastinenadu in 1927.
He received Kasheeshapattam in the Malayalam Month Vrishchikam-20, 1091 at Eraviperoor Mar Thomma Church. He was then Idavaka Vicar for the church and was engaged in Social work for a couple of years.
On 14th Dhanu 1093 he was elevated as Eppiscoppa by H.G. Theethoose The Second Marthomma Metropolitan and Thozhiyoor Metropolitan. From 1093 upto 1119 he was in the capacity of a Saphragan Metropolitan. He worked for the all-round development of the Church. He took initiative in organizing and promoting Svikasangham, Yuvajana Sakhyam, Vanitha Mandiram, Orphnages etc. He took charge of the Maramon Convention and made it more atrctive , meaningful and Graceful by his own spiirtual discourses and debates. He also started inviting famous Christian Missionaries and speakers like Dr. Stanley Jones and made it a very popular Christian Event.
After the demise of H.M. Theethoose The Second in 1943, Abraham Mar Thomma was Ordained and enthroned as the Metrpolitan in the Ministry of The Marthomite Church.
Even though his health deteriorated due to Diabetics, he continued to work hard for the Church and for the Society. On 1st September 1947 he was called upon to HIS Heavenly Abode on that beautiful Shore of Eternity, Peace and Tranquility. The multiphase achievements of H. G. Abraham Mar Thomma Metrpolitan for The Marthomite Church in particular and for the Society in general will always be remembered.


Main occupation was agriculture. Wife Kocheethamma was from Mammoottil Family, Puthencauve. During the studies of his brother A Philipose in Madras, Oommumman became sick and was taken to Madras for an operation. The operation was not successful and he died on 8th March 1906 at the age of 36 at Madras and was laid to rest at Kilpauk Cemetery. Wife Kocheethamma died at the age of 32
They had three sons: M.O. Abraaham (Kochukunju), M.O.Eapen (Kocheeppachan) and M.O. Ninan (Kunjenachan).

M. O. ABRAHAM (Kochukunju):

After passing Civil Engineering he was on job for some time. Then he left the job and started concentrating in domestic matters and agriculture. He died on 26th November 1973 at the age of 85 years and was laid to rest at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ambattubhagom, Kallooppara. Wife Annamma, D/o. Sheemon was from Kurudamannil family, Ayiroor. After her death she was also laid to rest at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ambattubhagom.They had five sons: M.A.Oommen (Oommachen), M.A.Simon (Kochunnoonni), M.A.Philipose (Peelippochan), M.A.Antony & M.A. Joseph (Ouseppachan). They also had four daughters: Kocheethamma, Mariamma, Saramma & Thresiamma.
Kocheethamma became a Nun and during her religious and social works in Delhi, her life came to an end
. Mariamma was married to Joseph, Manalil, Kavalam.
Saramma was married to Philip, Pullukattil, Erumeli
Thresiamma was married to Thomas Kutty, Thazhayil, Elanthoor.

M. A. OOMMEN (Oommachan):
He was a very highly intelligent person. After passing Intermediat he joined the Kandy Seminary in Ceylon for Theological Studies. During the studies he became ill, returned home and was on treatment for a long time. He died on 17th September 1974 at the age of 58 years. Wife Sosamma d/o. Ouseph, is from Ilavummoottil family, Koothrappally. They have three sons: Jaganthan, Martin & Felix Marydas. And four Daughters: Rosamma, Mallika, Lucey & Jamma.
Rosamma is unmarried.
Mallika is married to Mathews, Kadavil, Eraviperoor.
Lucey is married to Major Antony s/o. Capt. Ittoop, Vadakkepeedikayil, Aloor.
Jamma is married to Joy Kurien S/o. T.C.Kurien (Retd. SBT Manager), Thannikuzhiyil, Mulanthuruthi.

Jaganthan – B.A.
He was very good in studies. After graduation he was in Gulf for some time. Returned from Gulf, studied PG Diploma in computer Science and accepted job in Pune in the same field. Wife Mary, D/o. Ulahannan, is from Olikkunnel family Koothattukulam. Mary is a Post Graduate in Nursing and the Vice-Principal of Military College of Nursing, Pune. They have one son: Thomas ( Emin)
Martin – BSc. LLB.
After Graduation he was in Gulf for some time. Now he is practicing in Bombay High Court. Wife Mary, D/o. John, Kuttilambel, Kuravilangadu is working as a nurse in Switzerland. They have two daughters: Sangeetha & Smitha.
Felix Marydas - BSc. LLM.
He Passed LLM in First Class from the Law College at Pune and started practicing in Ernakulam High Court. He got selection as Munsif and was posted as Chengannur Munsif. He held various positions such as University Senat Member, Students Council Member, Law Faculty Representative etc.
Wife Theresa D/o. T.J.Antony, Thadathil Puthenpurayil, Ramapuram is also a post graduate in Law (BSc. LLM.) and was practicing in Ernakulam High Court. She also worked as Lecturer in Selam Law College for some time. Now she is practicing as an advocate.
They have two sons: Maxwell & Gladwell and a daughter: Agnell. All are students.

M. A. SIMON (Kochunnoonni):
After education he was in military service for some time. After this he joined the Metiorological Department in Trivandrum and continued here till retirement and is staying in Javahar Nagar permanently. Wife Annamma is from Kovukunnel family, Pampadi. Annamma was a teacher. Simon and Annamma are no more and were buried in Trivandrum.
They have three sons: Shibu S. Maret, Aju S. Maret & Biju S. Maret and one daughter: Manju S. Maret. Manju is married.
Shibu S. Maret – MSc. BE.
From SSLC to Degree he passed all examinations in first class. He is working as Asst. Manager in Mazagon Dock, Mangalore. Wife Prabha – MSc. PhD; is the daughter of C.P.Devasikutty and is working as a Scientist in ICAR, Kasarkodu. They have a son called Sherin.
Aju S. Maret – BSc. BE. (Electrical)
He is also a first class holder in all exams from SSLC to Degree. He is working as Deputy Superintendent in NTPC, Ramaguntam. Wife Molly – MSc.Bed. is the daughter of C. K. Thomas, St. Thomas Cottage, Ulloor and is working as a teacher.
Biju S. Maret – BSc. BE. (Civil)
Like his brothers Biju also got first class in all exams from SSLC to Degree. He is working as Maintenance Engineer in Indian Airlines, Madras and is married.

M. A. PHILIPOSE – B Com. (Peelippochan):

He started and continued his career in KSRTC till he retired as ATO. Residing at Nalanchira, Trivandrum. Wife Aleyamma is the daughter of Pappachan, Njappallil, Cheppadu. They have three sons: A. Philipose (Jiji), D.P. Maret (Biju) & Simon P. Maret (Bobby) and two daughters: Jolly P. Maret & Jasmin Maret.
Jolly P Maret (MSc. Bed.) is married to Advocate Joseph Mathew(Aniyan) s/o. V. I. Mathai, Thekkedathu Vijayavilas, Ulloor ( BABY STORE Proprietor)
Jasmin Maret (BSc. BTech.) is married to Jose Augustin(Renji) s/o. Prof. Dr. K. T. Augustin, Kunnathedathu, Kumarapuram.
A Philipose- M S W (Jiji):
Studied in Mar Ivanios College and Layola College Trivandrum before he graduated and took post graduate Degree in Social Work (MSW) He has worked as TVM YMCA Rural Development Officer and also as Kerala Federation of the blind placement officer. Now he is working as Asst. Project Officer in Madras Central Social Welfare Board.
D. P. Maret – M.A.(Biju):
Working as Section Officer (F & A) in R R L, Pappanamkodu, Trivandrum. Wife Tisey (MSc. Bed.) is the daughter of Dr. P.V. George, Panathundiyil, Adoor. They have a son called Philip Daniel.
Simon P Maret- MBBS. MD. (Bobby):
Studied in Trivandrum Medical College. After education he has worked in Pushpagiri Hospital for some time. Now he is in UK.

After education he was working as project Engineer in Gulf for few years. Returned to Kerala and settled down at Kadappakada, Kollam. Wife Susanna (MSc) is the daughter of Francis Lewis, Kunnumpurathu, Kollam. She is working as Proffesor in F M N College, Kollam.They have three sons: M.A. Abraham, Johny Maret & Jose Maret.<
M. A. Abraham: After completing MBBS from Trivandrum Medical College, went to UK for higher studies. Completed MRCP and now working in UK.
Johny Maret- B Tech. He is working as Computer Engineer in Ancey, France.
Jose Maret : Completed MBBS from Trivamdrum Medical College and now studying for MRCP in UK.

M. A. JOSEPH( Ouseppachan):
Main occupation is agriculture. Wife Shanthamma is the daughter of Cherian, Njappallil, Cheppadu. They have two sons: Mathew Joseph & Abraham Joseph and a daughter: Annamma Joseph(Anitha)
Annamma is working as a nurse in Ernakulam.
Mathew Joseph: is working in Gulf.
Abraham Joseph:is working in Gulf.

M. O. EAPEN (Kocheeppachan):

Main occupation was agriculture. He has served as the Trustee of St. Mary’s Church (Vliya Palli) Kallooppara. Died on 12th June 1980. Wife Annamma was the daughter of Chackochan, Chembikkalathil, Chennamkery. Annamma died on 14th October 1988. They had three sons: M.E. Thomas (Baby), M.E. Jacob (Moni) & M.E. Abraham (Thankachan) and three daughters: Kunjamma, Marykutty & Aleykutty. Kunjamma is married to M.M. Joshua, Muruppel, Konni. Marykutty is married to Anthrayos, , Kocheril, Vakathanam. Aleykutty died at the age of eight.

M. E. THOMAS (Baby):

He was working in an Estate in Mysore for some time. He left the job and was running a Textile shop thereafter for a few years. Now concentrating in agriculture. Wife Sosamma is the daughter of Thomas, Thekkanethu, Konni. Two sons: Shibu M. Thomas & Nibu M Thomas. Three Daughters: Valsamma, Sali and Kochumol. Valsamma is married to George Chacko, s/o. Chacko, Illickal, Kottayam. Sali is married to Dr. Roy Abraham, Belgaum. Kochumol is married to Rajan P Varghese, s/o. of Baby, Parakkattu, Kadapra, Niranam.
Shibu M Thomas - (M Com):
He was in Gulf for some time. Returned home and now running his own Business. Wife Suja is the daughter of V.T. Thomas, Thekkattil, Kalliissery, Chengannur. Suja is a Degree student.
Nibu M Thomas – (M C A):
While he was a Lecturer in an Engineering in M.G. University, he left for London on Job and he is now living in London.

M. E. JACOB ( Moni):
Running a Textile shop of his own. He has served as Joint Secretary of Kallooppara Orthodox Convention and Secretary of Maret Kudumbayogam. Now he is the Rekshadhikari of Maret Kudumbayogam.Wife Achamma is the daughter of Chackochan, Mammoottil, Melpadam One son: Manu J Maret and Three daughters: Rosamma, Lucey & Somy.
Rosamma is married to Saji s/o. Kochunnoonni, Puthezhathu Mannil, Eraviperoor.
Lucey is married to Rajan, s/o. Varghese, Peelikkuzhiyil, Panayampala.
Somy (BSC) is unmarried.
Manu J Maret:
After passing ITC, working in Rajasthan.

M. E. ABRAHAM (Thankachan):
He was an officer in Indian Airforce. After retirement he was working as a security officer in Bombay for few years. Now looking after family matters. Wife Aleyamma (Ponnamma) is the daughter of M.M. Mathai, Mandakathil, Puramattom.
One son : Reigo Abraham and two daughters: Rini & Ruby.
Rini is married to Kurien Kurien (Ajith) s/o. M.K. Kurien, Chembonthara,(Melaha) Thottabhagam, Kaviyoor.
Ruby is a trained Post Graduate (M Com. B Ed.) and is working as a Lecturer in B A M College, Thuruthikkadu. She is unmarried.
Reigo Abraham: is a student.

M. O. NINAN ( Kunjenachan):

As far as the eastern regions of Thiruvalla Taluk are concerned, Kunjenachan was well known and he was one of the very important persons who have done a lot for the common good. He was on of the active Congress workers in Thiruvalla during his time. He was part and parcel of all public activities in and around Kallooppara even duing his old age. He has participated in the “Guild Activities” formed under the Leadership of Judge A. Philipose. He has been involved in many Political Cases and was an active participant in State Congress Agitations and Struggles. Though he has served in such positions as Estate officer, Bank officer etc.he has been a full-time political activist all the time. He was also very much involved in freedom struggles and he was granted the pention for it. He was also managing a Textile Shop at Puramattom.
He died on 25th November 1974 and was laid to rest at Thachamam Catholic Church, Madathumbhagam South, Puramattom. Wife Sosamma was the daughter of Varghese, Modayil, Mallappally.
Four sons: Abraham Ninan (Fr. Abraham Maret), Dr. Oommen Ninan (Oommachan), Georgekutty & George M Ninan; and two daughters: Kocheethamma & Kocheliyamma.
Georgekutty died at a very youg age.


A very devoted Nun, full of modesty and affection, an efficient Administrator, has graced many positions in various institutions and convents run by the Catholic Church and now serving as Pushpagiri Hospital Administrator.
Kocheliamma is married to Zachariah, Manakkunnel, Changanacherry.


Born on the 2nd of February 1927 became a well known priest in the Malankara Reath Denemination of the Catholic Church. He was selected for Theological Studies while he was still a student and joined the Seminary in 1947 June. In January 1948 he left to Candy for higher studies and continued there till 1955 June. And on 1st June 1956 he was Ordained as Kasheesha elevating him to the full priesthood.
Afterwards he served as vicar of many churches in Kerala. He is now the Vicar of the Catholic Church at Ambattughagom.
Reading is one of his main hobies. He also acquired very good knowledge in Hindi and Tamil languages by his own efforts. He is leading a very devoted and principled life and is very much respected by all.

DR. OOMMEN NINAN (Oommachan):

After education he was practicing as a dentist for quite some time. Afterwards he he was in United states with his family and was managing his own Business for a long time. He came back from Ammerica and settled down at Kottayam and looking after his estates and other domestic matters. He was a good football player.
First wife Marykutty (Kochumariamma ) was the daughter of . Oonnoonni, Thannickal, Eraviperoor. They had a daughter, Susheela and two sons: Rajan and Jaims in this marriage. After the death of Marykutty he married Mary (Thankamma) D/o. David, Koothrappallil Thiruthikkattu, Karukachal. They have a daughter, Jeena, in this marriage.
First wife Kochumariamma was a teacher in St. John’s High School, Eraviperoor and 2nd wife Thankamma was working as a nurse in Ammerica.
Susheela is married to Georgekutty s/o. Varkeykunju, Veliyannur, Moovattupuzha.
Jeena is married to Chhad from States and is settled in Ammerica.
Ninan Oommen (Rajan): After education he is working in Ammarica. He is an active participant in many of the social and cultural Indian organizations in Ammerica. He was involved in promoting the Malayalam Magazine Aswamedham in Ammerica during its initial days.
Wife Leelamma is the daughter of N.K. Thomas, Ettuparayil, Alleppey. Leelamma is also working in Ammerica. They have a daughter called Rejani and a son by name Rajive. Both are students.
Jaims Oommen (Jimmy): After completing B.S. degree working in Ammerica. He married Alphonsa d/o. Jacob Kuruvilla, Plakkattu, Manimala. Alphonsa is also working in Ammerica. No children yet.

GEORGE M NINAN (Georgekutty):
After education he started a financial enterprice called Maret Chit Funds. Afterwards he was taking care of the agricultural activities in his own land for some time. He was also running furniture business for some time. Now he is leading a quite life and looking after domestic matters.
He was involved actively in social and political organizations and also in merchants association. He has served as Treasurer of Merchants Association, Puramattom. First wife Mary (Ammukutty) was the daughter of John, Kalakkattil, Chengannur. She died on 23-02-1994 and was buried in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (Thachamam). They have two sons; Aji & Jobi and Three daughters; Jiji, Joemol & Shiji in this marriage. Second wife Mollykuty is the daughter of Mathai, Choorakkuzhiyil, Mannamaruthi. They have no children in this marriage.
Jiji is married to Jose (Thankachan), s/o. Joseph, Kumbiluvelil, Chelakkombu.
Joemol is married to Joseph s/o. Cherian, Nalamvelil, Podiyadi.
Shiji is married to Vincent (Jose), s/o. Joseph, Valliyamthadathil, Koottikkal, Mundakkayam.
Ninan George (Aji): He worked in Bombay for some time after passing Printing Technology. Wife Susan is the daughter of George, Moothedahtu Kondoor, Bith are working in Gulf. They have a son by name Jerin.
John George (Jobi): After education he worked in MRF, Kottayam and Malayala Manorama, Kollam for some time. He left his job and now taking care of family matters. Not married.

KOCHELIAMMA ZACHARIAH ( Second daughter of M.O. Ninan):
Kocheliamma was married to Zachariah, Manakkunnel, Changanacherry. They had four sons: Sabu, Saji, Reji & Sibi.
After the death of Zachariah who was a KSRTC employee, Kocheliyamma along with her children were brought to Kallooppara from Punalur,(They were residing at Punalur at that time), by her brothers, made all necessary arrangements and reinstated them at Maret Mary Sadan. It was also resolved in the Maret Kudumbayogam that they will continue to enjoy the same status and previlleges as any other members of maret family.
Kocheliamma was very active, industrious and hard working and hence she could give good education to her children and bring them up as successful individuals in their life.
Sabu Zachariah (Sabu): After education he is working in Gulf. Wife Valsa is the daughter of Mathai, Kottuppallil, Vazhakulam, Valsa is also working in Gulf as a nurse.
They have three sons: Erald, Richard & Ronald.
Saji Zachariah (Saji): Is working in KSRTC. He has served as secretary of Maret Kudunbayogam. Wife Shibi is the daughter of Cherian, Thazhathu Nirakandathil, Kaviyoor. Shibi is working as a teacher.
They have three daughters: Sneha, Smitha & Selda.
Reji Zachariah (Reji): After education he was working in Bombay for some time. Now he is working in the Gulf. Wife Lovely is the daughter of Thomas, Idamanappallil, Chembu, Vykkom. Lovely is also working in Gulf.
They have a son by name Jaffy.
Sibi Zachariah (Sibi): After pre-degree and Diploma in Hotel Management he is working in Bombay. Wife Latha is the daughter of Georgekutty, Karuvelil, Mallappally. Latha is working in Gulf.


Main occupation was agriculture. First wife Aleyamma was from Kayyalaht Karunnappuzha family, Mallappally. They had two daughters: Saramma & Mariamma (Kunjoonjamma). Second wife Aleyamma was from Mavelil family, Ayiroor. They had one daughter only, Kocheliamma in this marriage.
Korah died on 28th January 1942 and was buried in Kallooppara Valiyapalli. Wife Aleyamma died in 1970 and buried in St. Stephen’s Orthodox Church (Marettu Palli).
Saramma was married to K. M. Cherian, Malayala Manorama former Chief Editor.
Mariamma (Kunjoonjamma) was married to K. M. Mathew, Kalathil, Thiruvalla.
Kocheliamma was married to M. C. Ninan (Kunjappan) s/o. Chackochan, Mammoottil, Puthencauve and became Dathavakashi.

M. C. NINAN (Kunjappan):

From his School days itself he was very active in politics. During the freedom struggle he had been to jail a couple of times. He was the first President of Kallooppara Panchayath. He distanced himself from politics afterwards and started concentrating in agriculture.
They have a daughter, Aleyamma (Rajamma) and three sons: Deya, Santhosh & Sathyu.
Rajamma is married to Joy, s/o. Y. Daniel, Naduvilayyathu, Kollakadavu.
Deya : After education he was working in Vidhura Estates for a long time as Manager. Then he was working in Manorama for some time. Afterwards he was in Gulf for few years. Now he is looking after family matters.
Wife Kochumol is the daughter of Pappachan, Poovallikandathil, Thirumoola.
They have a daughter, Elsa and a son, Bilu; both are students.
Santhosh : After education working in Gulf. Wife Kunjoonjamma is the daughter of Kurien, Puthenpurayil, Karukachal. Kunjoonjamma is also working in Gulf.
They have two sons, Arun & Anu; both are students.
Sathyu: Looking after family matters. He is unmarried.


Judge Maret A Philipose was Born on 15th October 1879. He passed M. A. Degree from Madras Christian College in 1904 and B.L Degree from Madras Law College in 1907. He was the first Post Graduate in Arts in the Malankara Orthodox Church. He returned to Kerala and had been Practicing as a Lawyer and became very popular in his profession. . He was also practicing as an advocate for the State for quite some time. Later he was Appointed as Judge in the Department of Judicature in Travancore and retired as a Senior District Judge. He had been widely recognized and respected for his honesty and credibility as a Judge who upheld the professional ethics at its highest degree. He used to write Diary and those writings were very important and valuable information for Vadakethalackal Maha Kudumbam in General and Maret Shakha in Particular.
The Maret Kudumbam:

This was constructed by Judge A Philipose during the early days of his life. Frequent floods those days were quite disturbing and it was even affecting his strict professional discipline as Maret Tharavadu used to get submerged in floods. To overcome this difficulty it was first decided to construct a new house with an elevated Basement adjacent to the old Tharavadu. As this was against Vasthu, the only alternative was to go for a double-storied structure, with a lower Basement, which was very rare those days. The entire walls are made of Shaped Granite Rubbles brought across the Manimala River from Thottupurathu Paara Mada,(A part of his own property at that time), by head load and country boat. The interesting thing about this is the Cost involved, a total of Rs.1500/- only, which reminds us of the good old days of Chembu Chakkram and Ettu Kaashu.
He published his Autobiography when he was 81 years old and this was a great ideological contribution for the Christian Community and a great work in the Malayalam Literature. One could observe the true reflections of his uncompromising principles of honesty, truth and justice coupled with all human values he possessed and practiced in his own life, through out the pages of this book.
He was very much inclined to spiritual aspects from very young age and has been literally on a mental and physical search to get to the ultimate truth. He deeply believed the teachings of the Catholic Church as the ultimate and true and accepted that faith and became a Catholic. He has also dedicated quite a lot of his time for the service to the Catholic Church and the community.
The St. Joseph Catholic Church (Thachamom):

This Church is a Glowing Monument for the Spiritual Aptitude of Judge A. Philipose and is situated in a land donated by him for this purpose. He died on 26th December 1961 and was laid to rest in the eabove Church.

His wife Aliyamma was the d/o Idichandy Muthalali, Nellimoottil, Adoor. (Marriage was on 6th may 1899.) Aliyamma was Born on 14th January 1886 and died-on 23rd sept 1972 and was buried at St.Joseph Catholic Church, (Thachamum).

Judge A. Philipose and Aleyamma had five sons: Abraham Maret (Oonnoonni), M. P. Alexander (Idichandy), J. P. Maret (Johnykutty), M. P. Thomas (Thommachan) & M. P. George (Georgekutty) and seven daughters: Saramma, Mariyamma, Aleyamma, Achamma, Aachiyamma, Thressiyamma & Aniyamma.

Saramma is married to K.M. Eapen , Kandathil, Kuttoor.
Mariyamma is married to K. K. George, Kaithayil, Vakathanam.
Aleyamma is married to C.K. Therakathu, Therakathu, Kaippattur.
Achamma is married to Seviyar Mathew, Vachaparambil, Pulinkunnu.
Aachiyamma is married to Chackochan, Thottasseril, Changanacherry.
Thressiyamma was first married to Thommikunju, Assariparambil, Kavalam and after his death the second marriage was with Adv. K. K. Philip, Kuthukallumkal, Keezhvaipur.
Aniyamma is married to K. C. Cherian, Karippaparambil, Kanjirappally.


was born on 14th Mar 1903. He is Permanently settled at Puthuppally. He has passed Diploma in Dairy Development. He was an Officer in Malayala Manorama. He used to write articles about Agriculture regularly in the news paper. He died on 12th Aprl 1989. He married Kunjannamma from Thazhathu family,Puthuppally. Kunjannamma died on 14-04-1984.
They have three sons: A. Philipose, Mathews Abraham Maret & Joseph and also four daughters: Kocheliyamma, Thankamma, Saramma & Mariamma
Kocheliamma (BA BT) is married to Yohannan Sachariah (BSc BT), Marudayathu Puthenveettil, Kundara.
Thankamma (M.A B.Ed.) is married to P. J. Mathew (B.Sc BT), Parayil, Kanjikuzhi, Kottayam.
Saramma is married to P. V. Mathew(Baby), Modayil, Mallappally.
Mariamma is married to Joseph V Thoamas, Vannilathil, Koothattukulam.

A. PHILIPOSE (Peelippochan)(BA BL):
Was born on 23/9/1937). He was a practicing Advocate in Kottayam District Court for three years. He is running an English Teaching Center of his own at Puthuppally. He is proficient in Malayalam Literature and has written many books. Kavyasamaharam (a collection of 20 poems), Peelathose Enna Nyayadhipan, Abrahaminte Beli, Kurushin Sandesham, Laser etc are some of them.
Wife Elizabeth is the daughter of T. Joseph, Kayanamparambil, Kallada. They have three sons: Abraham Maret(Vinod), Joseph Maret(Viju) & Mathews Maret(Vineeth).
Abraham Maret(Vinod): After education he is working in West Indies. Wife is Jessy and they have a son called Philip. Joseph Maret(Viju): After education working in Malayala Manoram Trivandrun Unit. Wife Sherley is the daughter of Daniel, Pulithitta, Chennithaala. Mathews Maret(Vineeth): is a B.Com student.

He was born on 5/12/1935. He Settled in Tiruvalla. He was working as a Development Officer in LIC and had the honour of being Crorepathy a couple of times. Wife Elizabeth is the daughter of Kurien, Palathinkal, Kottayam.
They have two sons: Abraham Mathew(Abey) & Kurien Mathew (Mebu ) and three daughters: Annamma Maret, Alizabeth Mathew & Beena Mathew.
Annamma is married to Thomas Cherian s/o. Advocate Cherian, Elanjikkal, Kothamangalam.
Elizabeth has passed Computer course and is working in Bangalore.
Beena is also working in Bangalore after passing B.Com.
Abraham Mathew(Abey)-[Civil Engineer]: He is a Contractor. Wife Smitha is the daughter of Sebastian, Kakkanadu, Vallithode, Irutty.
Kurien Mathew(Mebu): He has passed Diploma in Hotel Management and is working in ABAN, Madras.

He is a Homeo Doctor. Wife Marykutty is the daughter of John, Chakkalayil, Koothattukulam. They have a son called Abraham Maret and a daughter called Jyothi Maret.

Jyothi is married in Illickal family, Kottayam. Abraham Maret (Jobey) : ia an Electrical Engineer. Wife Manju is from Vakathanam.

M. P. ALEXANDER(Idichandy):

He passed M.A. Degree from Madras Christian College and B L from Trivandrum Law College. From 1937 to 1969 he has worked in Madras State Government and also under Central Government. He occupied various positions such as Under Secretary and Deputy Secretary in Finance, Industries and Foreign Trade Departments while he was in Central Government Service. He was Chairman of Coir Board and Cardamom Board. He was also Chairman of Export Promotion Committees for Cashew, Spices & Sea Foods. He was Director of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade when he retired and was residing at Bangalore for about five years, during this period he was the Manager of AVLON Group of Companies. Afterwards he moved to Ernakulam and settled there.
He died on 26th May 1991 and was laid to rest at Ernakulam.
His wife Thankamma (Rose) is the daughter of Rao Bahadur C. J. Paul, Chazhoor, Chavukadu. Thankamma died in February 1997 and was buried at Ernakulam.
Theay have a son by name Philip (Billu) and two daughters, Elisabeth (Elsy) & Rosilin (Rose).
Elizabeth is married to G. K. Abraham, Kollamkulathu, Kanjirappally
Rosilin is married to M. T. Manjooran (Divisional Maanager CEAT Tyre of India, Calcutta)
PHILIP (Billu):
The only son , died at the age of nine and was buried at St Joseph Catholic Church (Thachamum).

J.P. MARET(Johnykutty):

During the Second World War he joined the Indian Army as a Leftanent, got promotions regularly and he was Colonel when he retired.
He married Sheela from New Delhi and settled in Vasanthavihar, New Delhi. Theye have a son by name Vikram.
He completed his higher education in Ammerica and was working there for some time. He came back to Delhi and helping his father in the Business.

M.P. THOMAS(Thomachan):

After completing B Com. Degree he is running his own Business in Changanacherry. His wife Anna Marium Chacko(Baby) is the daughter of Chevalier I. C. Chacko, Illipparambil, Pulinkunnu.
They have a son by name Jacob P Thomas (Kinnen) and three daughters: Elizabeth John (Kinny), Mary Nona Jose (Nona) & Anna John (Patty)
Elizabeth (Kinney)- M. Tech., is married to Babu John s/o. C.K.John (Rtd. Govt. Secretary) , Trivandrum.
Mary Nona- B Sc., is married to Jose Chandy s/o. O. P. Chandy, Olassayil, Changanacherry.
Anna John (Patty)-M.A., is married to Jose Mathew (Engr) s/o. K. K. Mathew, Kuzhimattathil, Ayarkunnam
JACOB P. THOMAS (Kinnen) – Engr :
After education working in Ammerica. His wife Teslin – Engr., is the daughter of Prof. K. J. Joseph, Payyappallil, Perumannur, Cochin.
They have one son and one daughter.

M. P. GEORGE(Georgekutty):

He was residing at Maret Kudumbam after retiring as Head Master of Teachers Training School, Mylapra. He was taking care of family matters and was leading a quiet life when he died on 16th Sept. 1991 at the age of 66. He was buried at St. Joseph Catholic Church (Thachamaum). Wife Annamma (Chinnamma) is the daughter of Ouseppachan, Panamthottathil, Kottangal.
They have two sons :Philip George (Aji) & Joseph George (Aniyankunju) and one daughter, Anitha.
Anitha is married to Dr. Michael Sebastian, s/o. Sebastian, Ottaplakkal, Channapetta.

After passing Diploma in Biomedical Engineering he was working in Gulf for some time. Returned home and now taking care of family matters. He is a very active participant in the Maret Kudumbayogam & Youth wing. He is very much interested in the field of Music, Drama etc. He is a member of the Tharavadu Editorial Committee.
Wife Disley-B. Com., is the daughter of E. C. Mathew (Govt. Secretary), Illickal, Puthuppallay. Disley is working in Beverages Corporation, Pathanamthitta.
They have three daughters: Vickey Anna Philip, Pretty Rachel Philip & Deepthi Susan Philip. All are students and they are very much talented in music and dance and participate in various programs.

JOSEPH GEORGE (Aniyankunju):
After passing B. Com. He is working in MRF.
His wife Reena – B Sc., B Ed. is the daughter of M. C. Thampu, Manalil. Othera.
They have a son by name George J Maret (Jerrin).

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